What is 3D Scan?

3d scanning comes into play when it is difficult or impossible to create 3D models of objects in the computer environment. In such cases, a light ball is sent to the product to identify the general lines of the product. Modeling some works of art or human figures from scratch is quite complex and takes a lot of time. Digitization of such objects into the computer environment can be accomplished quickly with 3-D scanning technology. However, when this operation is performed, the object’s outer surface shine may affect the results of asymmetrical indentations and protrusions of surface contamination or object.

Previously worked but later lost design data may require that products be rebuilt with 3D scanning devices. With the aid of images transmitted to the digital medium via the 3D scanning devices, the creation of the outer surface of the pattern is achieved by using curves or curves, and it can also be used when some products require modification of the design data.

Uses of 3D Scanning

3d scan. The development of technology often makes use of 3D scanning. Define the field of use:

– The fact that the information in the cad file in the original design does not match the current technology,
Loss or lack of product design data,
The need for correction in the products to be improved,
Determining the good and bad properties of the products of the competitor firm,
New ways to improve and further improve the performance of products,
Manufacturers’ demand for very high fees for original parts,
As the old products are to be reproduced with today’s technology

the necessity has made the use of 3D scanning technologies compulsory.

With the 3D scanning technology we use as Novatek 3D, we easily overcome the problems mentioned above. As Novatek 3D team, we are remodeling with the 3d scanning devices that we use by scanning the models requested to be modified according to your requests. We make arrangements in these models and we manufacture them perfectly. With our highly practical and fast 3d scanning service, we are able to detect, organize and service your products.

You can find more detailed information on this page with 3 D scans.