Radome manufacturing

A radome is a protective cover that is used to enclose and protect a radar antenna. The term “radome“ is derived from the words “radar“ and “dome“, as the structure often has a dome-like shape. The primary purpose of a radome is to protect the radar antenna from the environment, including weather, wind, and other external factors, while still allowing the radar signals to pass through.

Radomes are often made from composite materials, such as fiberglass or polystyrene thermoplastics , which are transparent to radar signals. The design of the radome must also take into account factors such as the frequency of the radar signals, the size of the antenna, and the specific environment in which it will be used. Radomes are commonly used on aircraft, ships, and ground-based radar systems.

Composite radomes

Glass fiber radomes are manufactured to your needs.


Our infusion process ensures efficient resin distribution, resulting in strong and lightweight composite components.

Infusion assisted Hand layup

Combining precision hand layup with infusion, we achieve optimal resin distribution for superior composite products.


Utilizing pre-impregnated materials, we deliver composite parts with consistent resin content and exceptional performance.


Our skilled craftsmen meticulously layup composite materials by hand, ensuring precise and high-quality manufacturing.

Thermoformed Radomes

Produced from HIPS material. CNC cut to your specifications and finished with the color of your choosing.

Prototype Radomes

For your testing applications we are able to provide radomes for testing purposes. With combining 3d printing and cnc machining we are able to produce moldless radomes.